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4 Week Morning Fitness Boot Camp

08/07/2014 Time:06:10 - 06:50

Summer Fitness Boot Camp

Get fit and look amazing this summer with our 4 week morning Boot Camp programme. This 4 week Boot Camp is going to give you the tools and ammo you need to get on the right track before the summer is over! Don’t leave it too late to look your best this summer, start NOW!

Adding some morning training sessions to your routine is going to drastically help you burn extra unwanted body fat and get your metabolism firing from the start of your day.

Fitness Boot Camps in Reading

Lose weight in Reading, summer Boot Camp

Fitness training and Boot Camps in Reading

At this 4 week Boot Camp you will get 8 early morning sessions which will last around 40 mins each. Sessions will be structured so you get the maximum benefit in as short a time as possible. This means high intensity, whole body workouts using lots of resistance equipment and techniques. Don’t expect to be standing around talking and catching up on lasts night’s soaps! We will go hard then go home (or to work)

Not only will you get 8 awesome sessions, you will also get a ton of nutrition support. At Progressive Fitness we know that without the right nutrition your results will be severely hindered. This is why we have teamed up with world class Nutritionists Matt Lovell and Gavin Allinson. They have given you access to their online nutrition course to educate yourself on all things nutrition. This will be invaluable to your success. Once you have completed the online course you will have the tools and know-how to create your own successful nutrition plan. I will also be on hand to encourage and support you with lots of practical nutrition tips and ideas.

This 4 week programme will be results guaranteed, especially as you are getting all of this

  • Pre-Boot Camp online nutrition course
  • Weekly fat loss tips and recipes with videos to help visualise
  • Home workout sessions to follow
  • Full email support
  • Closed Facebook forum support
  • Access to our other group sessions or personal training at a discounted rate
  • A top personal trainer in Reading to help guide you through the whole 4 weeks…Priceless


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Boot Camp in Reading

Morning fitness Camp

Do you want to sign up to the challenge? Then consider the below before you do so.

Only sign up if you can do these things:

  • Complete a short online nutrition course
  • Commit to all 8 of my structured sessions
  • Follow some very simple to do homework sessions
  • Be willing to change your nutritional habits for the better
  • Take sound advice from a trainer who knows what he is talking about
  • Be prepared for body change

What can you achieve in 4 weeks?
You can achieve a lot in 4 weeks, but everyone is different in terms of their starting point and how your body will adapt to training. 4 weeks is a great amount of time for building foundations and teaching you the right ways. At the start of any fat loss journey you WILL see changes for sure! But you need to prepare that a lot will come after the 4 weeks and beyond. It’s about lifestyle changes for life!

The 4 week Boot Camp will also be perfect to add as addition to your existing training regime or if you are a member at our evening Boot Camps. Although a full home programme will be given to you, some people will respond better if under direction at classes or Boot Camps for the entire time.

So the big questions:

When is it? Starts on 8th July and will be on Tuesdays and Fridays.

What time? 06:10 until 06:50

Where do you meet? At prospect Park in Reading

How much? £59.00 for the whole course!

Need more information then call me now!

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