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Kettlebell Course

18/09/2010 Time:09:30 - 10:15

This is a 6 week kettlebell course on Saturday mornings which will is held in Prospect Park in Reading.  Its a 6 week progressive course which will teach you the basics of kettlebell training first before moving on to harder routines and workouts...  The first session will be longer than the rest for new members (around 1.5 hours) this so we can make sure you have good form and technique before jumping in to some tough workouts!!

Kettlebell Course:

Where: Prospect Park
When:18th September  09.30- 10.15
Cost: £45.00

A typical session will consist of a dynamic warm-up followed plenty of the below exercises and a good cool down!

2 Arm swing
Turkish get up
Clean and press
Single arm swing
Bottoms up press

Plus a few more!!

What can you expect from kettlebell training?

  • An increase in muscular endurance
  • An increase in strength
  • A stronger and more stable core
  • Improved technical ability
  • A leaner body
  • And maybe an addiction to a new way of training!!

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