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Boot Camp Summer Games

23/07/2011 Time:10:00 - 12:00

The First ever Boot Camp Games: Saturday 23rd July 10:00 at Prospect Park in Reading
This is a series of team competitions and individual events. Although I'm sure many of you will be taking this very seriously on the day, this is also supposed to be a bit of fun and a pre curser to the Progressive fitness BBQ later in the day.
To enter a team you need 6 members.  Once your team has entered you will all automatically be entered into the individual competitions. (Taking part in these is voluntary)
If you don’t have a team then you can just enter as an individual and on the day you can either make up a team or join in someone else’s if there is space. Or let me know if you want to be in a team and I will try and put you all together!
To sign up please use the booking page and in the reference box add your Team Name plus all your team members names. If you are an individual just add “individual”.
Some team competitions will have a fun element too so not totally relying on fitness to win!
Team Competitions are:
Agility Course relay
Tyre Flip Race
Tug of War
Power Bag Stack Race
Individual Competitions are:
Tyre drag sprint
Farmers walk (different weights for men and women)
Kettlebell Bell swings
Agility course
The events should all be pretty tough but also very enjoyable.  It would be great if you can get friends and family to come and watch and cheer you on too!!
Hopefully we will see lots of teams at the park and also at the BBQ afterwards!!

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