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Kettlebell Workshop

18/02/2013 Time:18:45 - 19:45 (ish)

 Kettlebell Personal Training

What is a Kettlebell?

The Kettlebell is a portable cast iron weight with a handle which is suitable for use by people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds. Kettlebells are a great way to combine strength, cardiovascular and flexibility training all in one total body workout. For this reason they make a great fat burner as well as fun and innovative work out.

This workshop is going to teach you the basic and fundamental moves of the Kettlebell so that you can use them safely on your own or within a class environment.  Technique and correct form with kettlebells is imperitive to get the most out of the exercsies and to stay injury free!

Once you have completed this workshop you will be able to come to a regular class that we run and progress  your skills further.  If you already use Kettlebells or have been to a class before then this will be a good opportunity to refresh and ensure you still have great it will be a good workout anyway!

The workshop will take place in Prospect Park Basket Ball Courts on Monday 18th Feb.  We will meet in the courts for 18:45 and the session will last about an hour.

All Kettlebells are supplied so just bring water and wear sports clothing.

Payments should be made through webiste at £5.00 or PAYG on the night is £6.50. 

What can you expect from future kettlebell training?

  • An increase in muscular endurance

  • An increase in strength

  • A stronger and more stable core

  • Improved technical ability

  • A leaner body

  • And maybe an addiction to a new way of training!!

So to learn some great new exercises book on this workshop and start using Kettlebells as part of  your fitness regime...

Any questions please feel free to call or use the contacts form.

See you soon!

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