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Enduro Boot Camp Session 1

23/02/2013 Time:08:30 - 10:00

Enduro Boot Camp

What is Enduro Boot Camp?
This is a Boot Camp session that will put your endurance to the test, both areobically and muscular.  It is a "rolling" session which means we will be constantly on the move rather than in one location i.e in one park.  The session will use lots of the traditional exercises and the varied equipment we often use at Boot Camps but delivered in a more challenging way.  We will also cover a longer distance on our feet than normal, but stopping regularly!!

Who is it for?
Enduro Boot Camp is a monthly event and aimed at anyone wanting to challenge themseleves, shake up a training routine, add something to a routine or that you just love the buzz of a really hard workout! I would suggest if you are complete beginer or just starting out to give me a call first to discuss suitabilty.. 07815 805 232

Where is it?
We will meet at 08:30 at Kingsmeadow Car Park, Caversham, Reading on Saturday 23rd February.

How much does it cost?
£7.00 in advance through website
£9.00 PAYG on the morning of Boot Camp

What to bring?
Water, wear sports clothes and bring something warm to change in to...
Oh and lots of grit and determination is essential!!!

Any more questions?
Please feel free to give me a call or use the contacts form.

Hopefully see you at the Park!

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